Dreu Noctem

Load Hints
"Prepare well before entering a known Dragon's Lair; there is no rest for the weyry." - shadguy
"Remember the 3 P's when adventuring. Planning, Preparation, and Provisions." - Earalia Eriner.
A Harper with 5 class levels and 6 or more Bard levels uses her Bard levels when calculating the effectiveness of her Sleep, Cat's Grace, and Eagle's Splendor abilities.
Access to the Giedi Nexus portal is granted automatically at level 18, provided you have earned access to the Paradan and Bifrost portals.
Access to the Mag Tuireadh Nexus portal is granted automatically at level 10, provided you have earned access to the Paradan portal.
According to legend, the god Ukousheer, known as the Eternal Sleeper, has been asleep almost without interruption since the world was made.
After NWN v1.69 was released, chat commands were enabled on Dreu Noctem. Whisper "help" for more details.
All Largies should beware the EATS! You may be MANDATED if you annoy the farmers.
Area maps have notes to draw your attention to points of interest. You can add your own map notes as well.
ATS Crafters who are missing a weapon proficiency required to equip a tool should shop for Crafter's Aprons at their local ATS Master Craftsman.
ATS crafting is supported in Dreu Noctem. For the Noobs Guide to Crafting see the pinned thread in the DN: The Achea Armory - Strategy Forum at http://www.dreunoctem.com.
ATS Mining now requires a miner's bag to mine ore - purchase such bags at one of the blacksmiths throughout the realm.
Audril, goddess of frost, is worshipped by many demihumans in the cold northern mountain regions.
Audril and Shinook are the twin sister goddesses of the north and south winds.
Aytay is the protective mother of the gnomes. She blesses arcane magic and divine magic on Dreu Noctem.
Barbarians have a few new feats to choose from on Dreu Noctem: Extended Rage and Extra Rage feats are available exclusively for Barbarians.
Bards and Rangers receive 6 skill points per level on Dreu Noctem, not 4. This change is not effective at L1 because of how HAK packs work.
Bards gain the feat "Weapon Proficiency: Rogue" at level 2 on Dreu Noctem.
Bards on Dreu Noctem have 0% Arcane Spell Failure when wearing Light Armor of any kind. That is, they can cast spells in Light Armor without any penalties.
Blackguard, Assassin, and Harper buffs are improved on Dreu Noctem as compared to the Bioware versions.
Boss quests are available for character who have completed the Nexus Trials and earned an Eye of the Nexus amulet.
Boss quests can be repeated after a server reset; they must be completed before a reset to get rewarded. NPCs who offer boss quests are noted in game with exclamation mark visual effects.
Can't remember where you died in an area? Check your map! Map pins are placed on player grave sites.
Cast Continual Flame on an equipped item and it will glow brightly forever.
Charess, goddess of shadows and hedonism, is the mother of the grues and darklings.
Charess is the long lost daughter of Audril. She was abandoned to her fate in the mountains when she was young.
Check the "Hall of Fame" thread, linked in the "Character List", at http://www.dreunoctem.com for the elite of Dreu Noctem.
Choose the Point Blank Shot feat if you want to use a ranged weapon in close combat; or, switch to a melee weapon.
Cleric fans can read Phage's guide to clerics and deities on Dreu Noctem in our Fort Achaea - Strategy Forum.
Clerics don't have to memorize basic healing spells in advance. If dragged directly from spellbook to quickbar, such spells can be cast spontaneously by sacrificing a memorized spell of equal level.
Creature items can be used for Dreu Noctem custom crafting or sold for some quick cash to the Crossroads Gypsy. Members of the gypsy family can be found in other places too, but their prices are usually worse.
Dark Crossings and Wild Crossings can teleport you closer to your destination, but may be unreliable and slightly random in terms of reaching an exact location.
Detectives believe alcohol may have been involved...
DN uses arQon's Enhanced Magic System (EMS) Spell Script Modifications - Spells now "Work". The latest details are discussed in the forums, but many of the changes are also documented in-game with the TLK file required by Dreu Noctem.
Don't die, the penguins are watching.
Don't forget to check out the latest TK fashions at the GArP. Find your local GArP in Paradan and Mag Tuireadh. Special thanks for the fashions go out to Tarasque.
Don't plan on using the Devastating Critical feat; it's disabled in Dreu Noctem.
Dragonslayers are granted access to exclusive robe appearances for their armor on Dreu Noctem.
Dragonslayers who can use the Nexus are granted access to the Babaeyl Nexus Portal upon becoming dragonslayers.
Dreu Noctem currently has no permanent haste items, but now features Boots of Travelling to hustle your bustle!
Dreu Noctem is listed and ranked at the NWVault community gameworlds database. You are encouraged to visit that site and leave your comments and votes for DN.
Dreu Noctem no longer supports deleting characters by way of the Character Manager on the website. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Dreu Noctem uses a custom difficulty setting. Area of affect spells used by friendly casters will not hurt party members but monsters can get critical hits and attacks of opportunity on players.
Dreu Noctem uses a heavily customized version of ATS. Temo Vryce did much of the work, though there are many contributors.
Dreu Noctem was opened by Enigma in December 2002.
Each Dreu Noctem deity blesses her priests with a different kind of Darkfire.
Eldritch Knights gain reduced Arcane Spell Failure as a class ability. The amount of reduced failure increases as the Eldritch Knight gains levels. See the Dreu Noctem forums for details.
Exploration is always the best way to learn something new.
Extra Turning, Divine Feats, and Bardsong feats are available on levelup for anyone meeting the prerequisites on Dreu Noctem. In Biowareland, these feats were only available when levelling up in certain classes, even if all other prerequisites were met.
Feeling a little slow? Shop around for scout boots, or boots of travelling, by arQon.
From Death, you can teleport to your party leader, provided she is near your gravestone and out of combat, by using the Soulstone.
Harper "sleep" improves as the Harper levels up on Dreu Noctem.
Have an idea, comment, or suggestion for a way to improve Dreu Noctem? Please, make a post in our Crossroads forum.
He Who Watches is a Design Ambassador from the Temple of Forgotten NWN project. He has contributed new visual effects, spells, and feats to Dreu Noctem.
Headless helmets - on Dreu Noctem, equip and unequip a helm. Item properties and abilities will remain without sacrificing fashion! You need to repeat this process after each reset.
Heal potions are rare on Dreu Noctem. Additionally, custom rejuvenation potions that heal more are available in some shops and treasure drops.
Hide is a class skill for Blackguards on Dreu Noctem.
If the party leader is AFK (away) and you need leadership, give him the boot with the AFK Party Leader boots.
If you're afraid of being alone in the Dark, stop by Homer's Bar n' Grill and kick back a cold one.
If you die, your lost gold and experience can be recovered by praying at the gravestone at the site of your death.
If you find and activate a Shrine of Recall, your party can recover to that point from a Total Party Kill.
If you use missile weapons, don't forget to stock up on ammunition before you go adventuring.
If your character gets stuck in a wall or on a ledge and cannot move, try using your AFK widget. When you return from AFK, your character will usually be able to move again.
In 2011, new content was added to Dreu Noctem to support raising the level cap from 27 to 29.
It's the end of the world in Quivira, and I feel fine.
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
Killing commoners and merchants on Dreu Noctem is generally not rewarded with either experience or loot.
Learn about Dreu Noctem Mythology in the "DN1: In Character Discussion" forum at http://www.dreunoctem.com.
Legends tell that Soonami is responsible for killing all the gods. In the end, accidentally, he himself was killed in his own folly as well.
Looking for company? Post on the Dreu Noctem forums to organize a group or event!
Loot in treasure chests respawns on a regular timer, whether you loot it or not the first time around.
Low level self-buff spells are shared with your animal companion or familiar under EMS rules on Dreu Noctem.
Made a character build faux pas? Find the secrets of youth in the southern heat.
Magic Bags are extremely useful items that will allow a character to carry more weight than they could otherwise.
Many of the summons on Dreu Noctem have been rebalanced. Most notably, Fiendish and Undead pets called by Pale Masters and Blackguards [and a few others] have been heavily customized.
Mithra was the human lover of the goddess Eldatha. He became a demigod and was hunted by her brother Soonami.
Most of the Custom Content and many of the script systems used on Dreu Noctem are taken from or derived from work published on NWVault. Many thanks to all of the original developers, who are too numerous to name here!
Naigdon is the patron god of the dwarves. According to the stars, he was seduced by Charess and destroyed by Soonami in his resulting weakened state.
Need some fun in the sun? Use your AFK Widget and find a nice spot on the beach.
Need to shake your groove thing or just want to sit around? Try the Emote Wand and smoke 'em if ya got 'em.
Nerfed or upgraded items can be converted to the latest versions in the AFK Lounge at the AFK Item Updater. Not all things are convertable, but you won't lose items that cannot be converted. Items stored in player housing also update automatically over a server reset.
Not sure what the heck someone just said while chatting? Check out our forums for a Frequently Used Abbreviations thread for a translation...
On Dreu Noctem, Assassins get credit for their Bard, Monk, Ranger, and/or Rogue levels, if any, towards their caster level calculations for some of their spell-like feat abilities.
On Dreu Noctem, Blackguards get credit for their Paladin levels, if any, towards their caster level calculations for some of their spell-like feat abilities.
On Dreu Noctem, Divine Might, Divine Shield, and Extra Turning are available as epic bonus feats to clerics, paladins, and blackguards.
On Dreu Noctem, dwarves can use Dwarven Waraxes, regardless of whether or not they have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency.
On Dreu Noctem, katanas have been changed to do slightly less base damage and have a wider critical threat range.
On Dreu Noctem, the DC for a Use Magical Devices check on a spell scroll is 4 x the level of the spell. Also, a character attempting UMD must have an INT score equal to the spell level +10, minimum. So Timestop has a UMD DC of 36, and requires a character with 19 INT.
On Dreu Noctem, the Great Smiting feat can only be taken once.
On Dreu Noctem, the Self Concealment feat can only be taken once.
On Dreu Noctem, XP penalties for multiclassing are removed. Favored classes are irrelevant.
On Dreu Noctem, you will NOT automatically fail a saving throw for rolling a 1.
Once you complete The Pilgrimage quest, you can choose a blessing reward near the monastery in Giedi.
Only one Shrine of Recall can be active at a time for each player.
Our website is http://www.dreunoctem.com
Paladins, Champions of Aytay, and Blackguards can take Great Charisma as the Epic class bonus feats on Dreu Noctem. Similarly, Shadowdancers can take Great Dexterity, Monks can take Great Wisdom, and Pale Masters can take Epic Toughness.
Paladins and Blackguards may wish to seek out a Dungeon Master and request a quest for a Holy Avenger or Unholy Avenger Sword. Holy and Unholy Avengers on Dreu Noctem are custom designed, and are available as either Longswords, Greatswords, or Bastard Swords.
Patience. Soulstones can not be used while your party leader is engaged in any activity.
Perform is a class skill for Shadowdancers and Harpers on Dreu Noctem.
Players who have Nexus Amulets will spawn an unstable nexus rift when they kill a boss on Dreu Noctem. These rifts serve as quick get aways to the nexus at the end of an adventure.
Please report all bugs and exploits at http://www.dreunoctem.com in the "DN: The Shifting Sands - Bug & Exploit Reports" forum. You can file a report by replying to the BUG REPORT SUBMISSION FORM, which is pinned in that forum.
Please wait while the townsfolk equip their torches and pitchforks.
Poison and disease don't do hit point damage, but lower ability scores instead.
Press the 'v' key to access your character's voicechat and quickly give commands to your companions.
Rangers on Dreu Noctem gain the following additional feats for free: Lightning Reflexes at L6, Evasion at L12, and Hide In Plain Sight at L17.
Readying instant death traps...
Remember, rogues and bards get the Use Magic Device skill which allows them to use powerful magic items, such as wands and spell scrolls.
Remember that you can keep your own notes in the journal.
Remember that you can not sell items while you are shapeshifted. You need to return to your character's normal form in order to interact with stores.
Remember that you can use alchemist's fire on your melee weapons to add fire damage to your attacks for a short duration.
Rogues and Bards should shop for Roguestones for themselves.
See Methreshan in Paradan Port District to learn the secrets of the Nexus.
Sequencers can buff up some characters up while wearing armor and a shield. This does not work for all characters.
Sequencers don't work for cleric domain spells, because of a Bioware bug.
Shifters may find some interesting potions for sale in Mag Tuireadh.
Some items on Dreu Noctem are described as requiring a devout character to use them. For example, there are items useable only by devout monks. A devout character must have more than of 1/2 her levels in the devoted class, and her alignment must still be legal [chaotic monks are not devout].
Some of the features of our website broke when we moved to a server hosted by Amazon. We have fixed most things, but we do not support the deletion of characters through the character manager any more.
Some spells have slightly different names on Dreu Noctem; they are named after characters here, rather than characters at the Forgotten Realms.
Some weapons have the Wounding item property on them. Once a character is wounded by one of these weapons they will continue to take damage until they have been healed by potion, spell or healing kit.
Sorcerers and bards may unlearn spells when gaining a level to get rid of a disliked spell in favor of a better one.
Soulstones can be used from Death to return to a party leader, if that leader is at rest near your death site. Soulstones have a limited number of uses per server reset. Characters who worship Dreu Noctem deities are allowed extra soulstone uses.
Special thanks to Ty (AKA Mooglover) for helping expand Player Housing into Faeyn for Dreu Noctem.
Spell Mantle and similar spells are useful in that they make you virtually untouchable by enemy spell-casters.
Spot a typo, missing map pin, or other nit? Please report it in our Typo thread in the bug forum at http://www.dreunoctem.com.
Strider and Tamur co-authored a Dreu Noctem world map. The latest version can be found on our website, pinned in the strategy forum.
Strider has posted information about free image hosting in the DN: The Cafe Whim - Pictures and screenshots forum. Browse over and check it out!
Test your mettle against the Sirens of Wisteria Bay.
The Babaeyl Nexus Portal will be available to PCs who have both earned their Giedi Nexus access and who are Dragonslayers.
The best experience for monster kills is earned if you party up with characters who are within 3 character levels of your own character.
The best way to get in touch with the design team is to post on the forums at www.dreunoctem.com
The cure wounds family of spells has been completely rebalanced (improved) on Dreu Noctem after we set the serve to automatically grant maximum hit points for PCs on levelup. Mass versions of these spells are available as well.
The DN: The Cafe Whim - Pictures and screenshots forum has a pinned thread with information about popular portraits used around Dreu Noctem.
The Dragonslayer quest will track how many of the dragons on Dreu Noctem each PC has slain in their lairs. To be eligible for this quest, players will first need to earn access to the Nexus Portals.
The Dreu Noctem deities are documented on the website forums. Dreu Noctem is not in the Forgotten Realms.
The first character to reach L25 on Dreu Noctem was Maelman, a Dwarven Defender played by Dr. Kevorkian. The level cap has since been raised.
The first shrine in the Pilgrimage quest can be found by anyone wandering around Mithra's Forest. The last shrine requires an Epic character to reach.
The goddess Aytay is also known as the Mistress of Enchantment. The Valkryes who protect Mag Tuireadh are her daughters; the protection afforded by the Valkryes is a sign of Aytay's divine blessing on the city.
The Island town of Tristram can provide access to a secret area. This area pays homage to a secret area from another game.
The Mawg Ngaw Nexus Portal is available to PCs who have both earned their Bifrost Nexus access and made a Pilgrimage to the shrine of Charess in the underground wilderness near Mawg Ngaw.
The members of Order of the Divine Awakening have many theories about how to awaken Ukousheer, the Eversleeping God. Some thinks his Awakening will bring the world will enter a new Golden Age, but others believe the world will end when Ukousheer awakens.
The Pilgrimage is a long term quest to discover and visit shrines in the wilderness to each of Dreu Noctem's 9 deities.
The Resistance spell (an L0 cantrip for most spellcasters) has been significantly reworked on Dreu Noctem. Do double check what it does, for your reference.
The Summon Monster 7-9 spells now feature Earth Elementals! Furthermore, if your character follows a certain Dreu Noctem Deity, or has certain Domains, your summons will favor the type of Elemental associated with that Deity or Domain. See the forums for details!
The Trading Post, located in the Crossroads, is the one-stop-shop for crafted items and other little miscellaneous goods.
To unlock special features (such as guides and tutorials) and content, log on to nwn.bioware.com.
Under EMS rules, epic spellcasters who have taken metamagic feats, will increasingly have those feats automatically applied to their spells as they gain more levels. These autometa feats can stack with metamagic chosen in the traditional way, via the spellbook.
Universal Dye Kits are available in many shops around Dreu Noctem. Use them to customize your character's fashions! Thank you to Truth for suggesting them. Furthermore, tailoring models are available in the Paradan and Mag Tuireadh ATS Tailor shops. Thanks to Maerlande for them!
Visit Great Graveyard Mausoleum - See comments like "I just kept attacking, but I couldn't see anything for all the spells going off!"
Visiting Kokytus can be a Gruesome experience.
Want to know who's around and where, you can either use the Who Rod, or use the chat command: /w who
Watch out for war zones on Dreu Noctem, such as the North Shore No Man's Land. Monsters respawn there very quickly and travel into the center of the area to a battle royal. It can be a dangerous place.
Whatever you do, do NOT go into the....
When you first log into Dreu Noctem, you will receive a Dreamcatcher in the You Awoke area. It can be used to rendezvous with your party leader quickly.
When you wake up after a server reset, use the Dreamcatcher to wake up beside the party leader! (Hope he/she's cute!)
whitetower's Shadowdancer Tip: Hot key yer attack (the sword) icon, when engaged it becomes "disengage". Map it next to the hide key. (I usually have F1 bound to Hide and F2 bound to Disengage.) Hitting F2 then F1 right away will hide you in a middle of a round or disrupt an enemy casting sequence.
Whitetower has customized the shifter class abilities for Dreu Noctem.
You can setup a quickbar slot for two-weapon fighting. Simply drag the right hand weapon onto an empty quickbar slot and then drag the left hand weapon (or shield) overtop of it. Pressing this button will swap both items into your hands.
You can switch between camera modes in game with the '*' key.
You can use spell sequencers to buff yourself and your party simultaneously.
You can use the radial menu off the chat window to set the different levels of feedback available in the game.
You don't need to be the Hulk to do Armor or Weaponcrafting... But it helps!
You have an additional 24 quickslots that can be accessed by holding the CTRL or SHIFT keys.

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