Dreu Noctem

The Dreu Noctem Team:


Real Name: Emily
Gamespy ID: Torrilin
Position: Design Lead
DM Avatar: Trouble

Bio: Torrilin is a chemistry student, PnP and Magic: the Gathering player. The games that got her addicted to gaming were M.U.L.E., Seven Cities of Gold, and Zork. Having a gamer family has advantages . When she's not at home gaming or at school, she's probably out flying model airplanes.


Real Name: Dave
Gamespy ID: shadguy
Position: Design Lead
DM Avatar: Lady Whim

Bio: shadguy is a Canadian gamer living and working as an engineer in the US. He started playing and DMing PnP DnD using the old boxed sets and the 2E rules in the mid 80s, and has been an avid gamer of one kind or another ever since.


Real Name: Chuck
Gamespy ID: Duster47
Position: Design Lead
DM Avatar: Kahless the Unforgettable

Bio: Duster47 is a NASA rocket fuel ground equipment & operations engineer who never played PnP DnD but instead was playing Squad Leader & other WW2 tactical simulations. Once computers became game machines he moved to this platform and was led to NWN via AB contacts. He's also a big Star Trek fan.


Real Name: Victor
Gamespy ID: Phage82
Position: Module Designer
DM Avatar: Buddie

Bio: Phage has refused the glamorous and well-endowed life of a chemical engineer in exchange for indentured servitude called The Graduate School. While lacking PnP experience or other such things, he does have a hobby of reading scifi/fantasy and then writing his own. He's also a newbie otaku.

Temo Vryce

Real Name: Rob
Gamespy ID: Temo Vryce
Position: ATS Consultant
DM Avatar: Lord Vengence

Bio: Temo is a Grounds Keeper for a local golf course who was originally hooked on D&D by his parents and from there he hooked a few of his friends who he still plays with to this day. From there computer games where the next logical step.


Real Name: Neil
Gamespy ID: StriderNL
Position: DN Module Designer and DM
DM Avatar: Zerroffe Traptripper

Bio: Strider has been playing D&D now since 1990, holding weekly PNP sessions since '96. He is a Web Developer by trade, though is currently suffering through a technical support position. He was introduced to DN by Temo, and hasn't looked back since.


Real Name: Don
Gamespy ID: Maerlande
Position: Module Designer and DM
DM Avatar: Nebechadnezar the Robust

Bio: Maerlande is a underemployed engineer, hobby farmer, dad, and SCA fighter who recently joined Dreu Noctem and foolishly offered to help out with design He is now translating his 20 years of PnP roleplaying starting with Runequest and DnD into online DMing and designing. Please excuse him for the odd DMUI and careless use of the kill button.


Real Name : Hysun
Gamespy ID: Faewyn
Position: DN Module Designer and DM
DM Avatar: Princess Queenie

Bio: Although he spent many years working on them both professionally and as a hobby, azmaveth keeps trying to escape from those newfangled contraptions called 'computers'. So far he has had little success. He is currently doing accounting work at a small private school while he makes preparations to teach English abroad. His online gaming experience began in '89 when he began frequenting various BBSs and MUDs.


Real Name : Beth
Gamespy ID: Lula Lamore
Position: DM
DM Avatar: Mistress Bliss

Bio: LulaBliss got hooked on Sid Meir's Pirates back in the late 80's, moved on to Diablo, Diablo2 and has planted herself firmly into NWN for the unforeseen future. She is the True Artsy Fartsy of DN, having been RL trained in vast forms of media which she is turning into the foundation for her gaming addiction. Currently living, as a stay at home parent, in the Southern California desert, she whiles away her time writing the odd short story and tormenting Dreu Noctem players with her DM avatar Mistress Bliss as well as haunting the IRC channel trying to rein-in uber geekdom and provide some much needed artistic flavour.


Real Name : Kathy
Gamespy ID: Emaleth_of_Donnelaith
Position: DM
DM Avatar: Red Ruby Deelite

Bio: Avid reader who got into D&D in the early 80's and dabbled here and there when time permitted, interspersed with jaunts with the SCA until the early 90's. Got into Free-Form RPG with a group of writers in the mid 90's and was introduced in 2002 to NWN as a fun alternative with graphics! Joined up on DN in Feb 2003 and has been trapped.. erm lovingly encouraged to be here ever since.


Real Name : Nelson
Gamespy ID: femnto
Position: DM
DM Avatar: Ash Essence of Volaria

Bio: Originally from Puerto Rico, I work in Power production for the US Air Force currently stationed in Hawaii. I've been gaming since i was a little kid thanks to an older neighbour. Been playing D&D for 13 years and DM'ing for 7. Was brought out of gaming retirement by kesey who very underhandedly made me buy Neverwinter nights knowing full well I would restart my chronic gaming addiction. I like to Roleplay alot but also love powergaming just as much.


Real Name : David
Gamespy ID: Bass69
Position: DM
DM Avatar: Akane Tendo

Bio: Bass has been playing DnD since the early 80's. He a DM for about 2 years before retiring which was before revision 3 rules came into effect. Currently employed by US Navy.



Real Name : Michael
Gamespy ID: Chevalis
Position: DN Module Designer and DM
DM Avatar: Lord Oblivion

Bio: Chevalis first started playing D&D with the Basic rules then 1st edition Advanced D&D. From there he moved on to Shadowrun, Vampire the Masquerade, GURPS, Amber the Diceless RPG and various original RPG’s he and his friends created. His first venture into computer dungeons began with Nethack and LPC muds where he was also a creator. From there he moved on to Crossfire, Diablo, Diablo2 and has found a home in NWN. Currently, during his down time in pursuit of employment he enjoys creating Chaos for builders, DMs and players alike.



Real Name: Jason
Gamespy ID: witetower
Position: DN Design Lead
DM Avatar: Jack in the Box

Bio: Nothing terribly interesting I'm afraid. Video game addict, went from diablo 2 to here and wander back and forth. I have some early and late PnP experience but nothing substantial.


Other Team Members:

Enigma - 'All Mighty Guy Who Built Us'
Exm - Designer and Web Support
arQon - Design Ambassador (EMS)
HeWhoWatches - Design Ambassador
Rabidness - Design Ambassador (Trap System)

Retired Contributors:

Bill Williams - Designer
Dolf Kooz
Dustbunny - DM
jivany - Designer
Maelgwyn - DM

pspeed - Design Ambassador
Screwtape - Design Ambassador
Tamur - DM
Tara Kooz
Temo Vryce - ATS Guru
True Muppet
Truth - Design Ambassador

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